Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shooting at Pak Li Kopitiam

Styling the food the way we want to connect with the audience
Add some garnishing
Make faces or test shots
Double check the lighting, compositions and ambience
Making the food look alive with fine touches

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Connecting with you, the way we do...

Soaking my mind over the food before me, my hands move as my thought reaching out to the one who sees the food and I want to evoke their appetite towards my food presentation. I enjoy doing it over and over again...to connect with the person who views my photos.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mooncakes Photography

It's the time of the year again for mooncake festival, oh...wait! First you need to showcase your mooncakes and you need Dennis the specialist in food photography to do the job. Why not you give us a call? Dial: 016-335 9397 for Sam (Sales & Marketing guy) to discuss how you want your mooncakes to be among the leading players in the sea of competitions.

Dennis has been shooting mooncakes for years and he knows exactly how your mooncakes will bring your customers to you through his magical touch - food styling and imagery.
The ideal man behind your mooncake photography.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nyonya Kitchen's Best Sellers

The 2-day shooting at Nyonya Kitchen was a great experience where we were treated with the authentic nyonya cuisines. There are a few dishes you must not miss when paying a visit to their outlets either in Klang or Shah Alam.

Below are the best sellers recommended by the chef, tasted and proven by us. Frankly speaking, Dennis has been shooting hundreds of food images every month and not all food tastes as good as it looks.

1. Ayam Pandan
2. Ikan Geram Assam
3. Kari Kepala Ikan
4. Nyonya Sotong Goreng
5. Sambal Petai Udang

Nyonya Kitchen outlets: Lot LF 1F, Level 3, Plaza Shah Alam, Shah Alam and Taman Bayu Perdana, Klang. For more or business hours, visit their website here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shooting at Nyonya Kitchen

Folks in Shah Alam & Klang are a lucky lot simply because they get to taste the authentic nyonya cuisine anytime, any day as they like. They are blessed with an established nyonya food outlet called Nyonya Kitchen located at Lot LF 1F, Level 3, Plaza Shah Alam and Taman Bayu Perdana, Klang respectively.

We were glad to be assigned a food photography project by the management recently. Being a food photography specialist, Dennis Kok who also the food stylist has another known talent which is a good cook. That makes him special, his passion for food and craving for good food make him a natural food stylist and photographer. He brings the best out of the dishes by arranging the ingredients with a flair of creative presentation. And the photos are a seller by itself when the customers throng the restaurant.
Checking on the lighting, Dennis is in full concentration on his Mac book Pro.
Needing some fine tuning, he is making sure all looks good.
His composition is a born talent.
Enjoying what he does is always his principle, or else where do you think he finds his inspirations shooting hundreds of food images a month on average?
Kit is the right hand man, assisting Dennis diligently and learning the skills and experiences from the maestro.

Next, we'll share with you guys on the shoots and the best seller at Nyonya Kitchen.